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Laptop Repair, Desktop Repair, Tablet Repair, and other Electronic Devices Repair Services.

Lenovo Authorised Service Center

Lenovo Authorised Service Center

Lenovo Service Centers in Bangalore

Looking for Lenovo Service Centers in Bangalore!!!

If yes, we are here to give you one of the finest laptop repair, desktop repair, tablet repair, and other electronic devices repair services at affordable rates.

If your Lenovo device suddenly comes across a minor error, you don’t have to start panicking unnecessarily. Most of the faults are minor and can be easily repaired. But at times, the problem is major and need professional help. In such cases, you cannot blindly give your electronic device in the hands of beginners.

At our Lenovo service center in Domlur Bangalore, we have a team of professionals who have the expertise to resolve or fix any kind of electronic device problem on the spot. Depending on the severity of the problem, the technician tries to repair the problem in front of the customer.

Our team of professionals is confident of their work. If any customer asks us to open their system in front of them, we do so to provide the comfort zone of their choice.

Our team does the efficient repair and rework tasks. No matter how complex is the problem, we delicately work to fix your system’s problem. Our team is engaged in troubleshooting activities 24×7.

Why chose us?


We are available to provide your Laptop repair services 24*7. Our presence at various locations in Bangalore is easily accessible so you can easily contact us and get your Lenovo Laptop problems fixed quickly. If you are doing some deadline work and your Lenovo laptop crashes all of a sudden, what will you do? Instead of panicking, call us at our repair center to get your problem fixed in a very short span of time.

Our repair services are guaranteed.

We offer 100% guarantee of customer satisfaction. We keep in touch with the client to build long-term relationships. Our business is long-term based, so we work to build a healthy relationship rather than building a fake reputation in the market. Our efforts are authentic, and we promise not to cheat any customer with the price fumble.

Affordable service.

You can compare our service charges in the market for your satisfaction. Our service fees are nominal, and we try to keep the overall quotation of your Laptop repair and rework to the minimum. We value your hard-earned money so make sure you get positive ROI.

Lenovo Exclusive Service Center

Main problem areas we look after

Motherboard, as the name suggests, is the mother of the laptop that makes sure your Laptop is functioning properly. Motherboard carries most essential spares along with the CPU, storage or memory and other useful Input and output connectors.

Inside Laptops is a single chip containing CPU, Central Processing Unit. We look after CPU and try to fix any issue as soon as possible.

  • LCD Screen replacement and repair service
  • Hard Disc replacement and repair service
  • Optical disc drive replacement and repair service
  • Memory card replacement and repair service
  • Graphics card replacement and repair service
  • Motherboard replacement and repair service
  • Keyboard replacement and repair service
  • Laptop booting problem
  • Power jack replacement and repair service

Most of the service providers provide low-quality service at affordable rates, but we do not compromise on the quality of spares and accessories.


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What we Repair?

  1.  LCD Screen replacement and repair service
  2. Hard Disc replacement and repair service
  3. Optical disc drive replacement and repair service
  4. Memory card replacement and repair service
  5. Graphics card replacement and repair service
  6. Motherboard replacement and repair service
  7. Keyboard replacement and repair service
  8. Laptop booting problem
  9. Power jack replacement and repair service

We can Handle This issues

  1. Laptop Broken LCD/ Display
  2. Hanging/Freezing
  3. Booting Problems
  4. Track-Pad Not Working
  5. Hard Disc Failure
  6. OS Corrupted

100% Customer Satisfaction Laptop Service in Bangalore

Here at lenovo, we like to create long-term customer relationships. Therefore, our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction. They have a large team of skilled and experienced service technology professionals who are proud and reliable. We are experts in troubleshooting any form of Laptop / PC problem, from chip repair to high-end hardware repairs and short-term quality service. It varies from other sources of facilities.

We can Fix any Network Hardware Problems

You get more than just a system with Lenovo. This team is dedicated to providing services in which each interaction gives you the power to innovate at all phases of the IT life cycle. Is your computer sluggish and does booting take a long time? Want to work normally again on this sluggish laptop? Afterwards we visit your local lenovo partner and test and fix your device to make it faster and more safe. In our company, we can provide you with assistance and an appropriate repair service.

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